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Linux: Basic

Annual Fee Php 6,500.00
Setup Fee Free
Money back guarantee Valid for 30 days
Disk space MB 3 GB
Monthly Bandwidth GB 45 GB
Email Accounts 200
Size of Mailbox 1 GB
Email Aliases, Forwarder, Autoresponders Unlimited
Mailing List Unlimited
Backbone Providers 6
Subdomain Unlimited
Domain root pointer Unlimited
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MySQL Database Free
MySQL User Unlimited
Live Statistics Free
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Summary Disk Usage - this is the total amount of disk usage you can use. It includes web space disk quota, database disk quota, and mail disk quota. All of them added up together could not exceed the summary disk usage amount. So if you have 100 MB of summary disk usage, you can divided this into 50 MB of web space quota, 20 MB of email quota and 30 MB of database quota, totaling of 100 MB of summary disk usage.
Public IP Address - the free subdomains or Public IP address shall only be issued if you presenterd us with an SSL certificate.

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